Who We Are

Diversified Infrastructure Developer and Asset Owner


Tamasuk is active as a lead developer in the sector, providing social services to the public, such as schools, healthcare facilities, public transportation, road infrastructure and housing. Regional governments are devoting significant resources to this this asset class as they seek to modernise and improve the quality of these essential services and to provide critical infrastructure support to enable the development of large scale real estate projects (such as the many giga-projects currently under construction in KSA).

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Tamasuk is committed to supporting the global shift to sustainable energy and utilities and understands the need to reduce emissions and protect the environment. Our portfolio includes investments in an operational wind generation project in Jordan as well as 3 wastewater treatment projects of combined capacity of 440,000m3/day under construction in Madinah, Buraydah and Tabuk with our partners Acciona and Tawzea. Tamasuk supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it seeks to deliver its long-term strategy for transitioning away from fossil fuel sources towards renewable energy sources under the Vision 2030 plan.

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The Middle East region is becoming a hub for data centre investment and innovation as the region is experiencing a surge in demand due to the rapid growth of digital transformation initiatives.

In order to respond to this need, Quantum Switch Tamasuk (QST) was formed as a leading owner, operator, and developer of hyper-scale carrier-neutral multi-customer data centres in the Middle East. Our world-class data centres offer the reliability, security, and flexibility that our hyperscale customers require to house their cloud and IT infrastructure and we have been selected as a preferred data centre development partner by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

QST self-operates its data centres (through QST FM) with a highly qualified team and customized service level agreements with premium industry players in the data centre sector. Through selective recruitment and in-depth continuous training and certifications, QST FM ensures that is has highly qualified people and best-in-class processes which comply with the industry’s most acknowledged certifications like ISO and Uptime Institute. QST FM assurances are supported by the industry’s next-level technologies using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) systems, BMS, PMS, and help desk.

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Sector-specific Knowledge & Expertise

We are committed to investing in and supporting the communities in which we operate through the provision of high-quality, sustainable infrastructure and utilities. As such, we work closely with local and international partners on some of the largest and critical-to-society infrastructure projects. Where Tamasuk develops and invests in projects, we aim to also deliver technical and operational expertise through our operating company - TOFM.

Financial Capacity
Our operations are well-resourced and backed by the strength of our shareholders, ensuring stable cash flows.
International Team
Working together in accordance with our business philosophy, our team is cohesive, agile, and dynamic with global experience and niche expertise.
Diverse Portfolio
Aligned with the goals of Vision 2030, we have a diverse portfolio of projects and investment pertaining to sustainable urban and rural development and energy.
Tamasuk is committed to a culture of innovation to invest in the future and respond to rapid market changes.